The Convergence of Advanced Technology with your Door Lock

Security | Convenience | Simple Installation | Smart Phone

The eNSmartLock provides the ultimate in safety, security, style and convenience for your home, business or rental property

The eNSmartlock uses advanced encrypted Bluetooth communication for simple access control. No more copies or lost keys to worry about. Options include a pin code, RFID card, AND remote key via mobile phone.

Mechanical Key

PIN Code

Smart Phone I -Key

RFID / Key Tag

Smart Phone D -Key

Access by Smartphone

  • Door lock is controlled by smart phone (d-key & i-key) Mobile App. Makes access easy by using your smart phone.
  • Remote access key can be issued to a visitor through the admin smart phone you control and limit access rights.
  • Use smartphone to control conveniently with various options. Controllable through the app screen. Controllable by flipping your smartphone.

Audit Trail

  • A 24/7 activity log in the Keyless key App tracks who enters your home and when
  • Control who has access and when choose to grant access for a period or specific dates and times, you’re in control.

Enhanced Security Features

  • Door automatically locks when you touch the door lock.
  • Random security code prevents intruders from tracing the fingerprint marts left.
  • Made up of aluminum die-casting.
  • Waterproof for in/outdoor installation : IP 54 grade.
  • Visitor can install mobile client App. To receive encrypted access code.

Mechanical Key Override

  • Mechanical key control for emergency override.
  • Offers mechanical & electronic master key for facility to easily manage multi units housing such as apartments/condos/rentals/vacation properties businesses.