BioEnable B1

BioEnable B1

Fingerprint Time Attendance with Access Control System machine series is to adopt the most advanced fingerprint recognition algorithm, In the environment of climate change, peeling finger, or finger injury, in the case of full fingerprint recognition capabilities significantly improve and achieved full fingerprint Verification speed less than 1.0 seconds.

The standard method of communication :USB,TCP/IP, Wifi. U-disk download/upload function, the built-in ID, (optional) IC, RF card reader. Realization of radio frequency card, fingerprint, password or select any combination to open the door ways or can choose the way of fingerprint security strengthen + fingerprint to open the door .The appearance is ingenious and elegant, it ‘s easy to operate with powerful functions.


•Elegant and modern design

•2.8 Inches TFT display

•GUI Interface for easy using

•Communication TCP/IP and USB-Host


•Latest fingerprint algorithms

•Built-in SSR Excel Report

•Short keys to select the IN or OUT status

•Battery Backup

•Simple Access Control or external bell

Sample Reports

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My Attendance Installation Video

SQL Installation Video