EF-45 Iris Recognition System

Innovative face positioning feedback provides outstanding subject ease-of-use at capture range of 35 to 45 cm

The EF-45 next generation dual iris imaging system provides unprecedented subject ease of use through a highly innovative and intuitive user positioning approach. Subjects will view their own face in a front-facing, high resolution 5.0 inch color display to position themselves correctly within the real-time graphic interface. They will intuitively and naturally move to the correct position by simply centering and sizing their face image to the box within the display. In addition, the positioning box and the top border turn green to indicate proper distance positioning, after which the iris biometrics images are automatically collected, provided that the real time image quality metrics are satisfied.

In addition, this system features an expansive capture range of 35 to 45 cm in enrollment mode. Now, capturing highest quality iris biometrics images is fast, simple and fully intuitive for all subjects, including non-acclimated ones. For small scale access control or time & attendance applications, the capture range can optionally be extended to 30 to 45 cm in recognition mode, further increasing positioning flexibility and ease of use.

The system also captures a high quality face image simultaneously with iris image capture. On board face recognition is optional.

Breakthrough in the iris recognition user experience: Simple & Intuitive

Innovative face display—like a smart phone “Selfie”

Innovative face display—like a smart phone “Selfie”

Auto-tilt and extended capture range provide ultimate positioning flexibility

Optimized for Access Control with card reader and PIN options

Integrated face imaging with optional face recognition

Innovative, Intuitive Subject Positioning

The EF-45’s face imaging sensor detects and displays the subject’s face at up to 1.0 meter from the system on the high resolution color display. The subject is instructed to simply make his or her face fit the positioning “guide box” to intuitively direct the subject to move forward or back into the capture range, that is, the proper distance. In addition, the guide box and top border turn green when the subject is within range, which tells the subject to stop and wait until the image capture process is completed. Like a smart phone “selfie” image, this interface is very fast and highly intuitive, with typical capture times of less than 1.0 second from proper positioning.

Innovative Face Display Positioning

The innovative face display for proper positioning is simple and natural. The subject merely positioning his or her eyes within the centering box, and then moves toward the EF-45 until the box and indicator bar turns green, at a range of 35 to 45 cm (in normal mode). If the subject moves too close, the indicators will turn red.

Capture is automatic, with typical capture times of about 1 second from the time of being within range.

Touch Screen Interface in Embedded Design

The EF-45 utilizes a nominal 5.0 inch touch screen display for system setup and configuration, and user input and output screens.

It runs on a highly modern Linux-on-ARM SOC internal mainboard so that all processing is embedded. Networking options include standard Ethernet and WiFi.

While applicable to all stationary iris recognition applications, the EF-45’s setup and system interface software is optimized for Physical Access Control and Time & Attendance applications.

Key Features

State-of-the-art optical design

The optical design includes utilizing highest quality optics and very fast shutter speeds, which allows the systems to exceed industry standards for image quality.

Advanced, proprietary stereoscopic eye localization

The EF-45 accurately locates the position of both eyes in 3D in real time to optimize subject ease of positioning and iris image quality. This feature enables the fast and reliable subject distance positioning indicators as blue, green or red color codes.

Highest image quality

Meets or exceed the ISO 19794-6 2011 iris imaging specification.

Simplest of user instructions

Very simple and repeatable subject instructions:

• Position face within guide box in display (like smart phone “selfie”)

• Move toward the system to size head to box.

• Once within range, the box and indicator bar will turn green to indicate proper positi

Stand-off distance of 35 to 45 cm in enrollment mode

Standard extended range ensures robust, fast and easy positioning. Comfortable range for subjects in wide variety of desktop, countertop, kiosk or wall mount placements.

Optional Extended Depth of Capture for iris authentication in Recognition Mode

Depth of capture can be extended to range of 30 to 45 cm in Recognition Mode (not necessarily ISO compatible). Intended for small to medium scale access control deployments. Selectable in SDK.

Real time image quality metrics

Image quality metrics included in capture algorithm:

• Subject gaze angle (i.e. whether the subject is looking directly ahead at the imager)

• Subject motion

• Focus

• Usable iris area (occlusion)

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