eNBioAccess-T3 a new fingerprint attendance and access control system which offer advance functions and works with exit reader.I will be used for security , industrial applications and IT Environments where the ease of use and reliability of connectivity is essential.The management is confident that the system will offer a wide range of solutions and new level of security, information into challenging environments from IT to hospitality.





How to Upgrade

Menu without Admin

Wiegand Connection 

Connect RF Module

T3 & SR100 FP connection.pdf
T3 Connecting Guide (2 units).pdf
How to upgrade OS,FW from T3, T5.pdf
T3 How to enter the menu without admin.pdf
How to connect Wiegand Reader to T3.pdf
How to add RF module to T3.pdf

Time & Attendance Device Integration Software

Access Manager Pro is a fingerprint access control solution that can manage multiple authentication servers for large business. Maximum 2,000 terminals can be managed easily by connecting them to single network and remote control function increases user convenience.

Simple Registration of Finger ID Enrollment process through Access Manager Program with following authentication modes available with simple inputs like Basic User Information, Set Authentication Type (Fingerprint + RF Card+Pasword) with OR/ AND combination and Personal Settings.

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